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How Connectivity is Changing the Way We Live

How many devices do you have in your home? Between the kids’ iPads, your work laptops and everyone’s smartphones the list can seem never-ending.

And that’s before you even start on connected TVs, gaming consoles and everyday gadgets that we seemingly can’t live without.

Connected houses are transforming the property market, with research showing almost 50% of buyers saying a reliable broadband connection is a key consideration when searching for property. With broadband infrastructure rapidly transforming the way we do things, here’s how connectivity affects our lives and what’s likely to change in the years to come

Multi-device – the way of the future

It’s no secret that multi-device, multi-activity households are the way of the future. Just as mobile technology has radically transformed how we communicate and share information, smart technologies in the home and office are rapidly changing how we live and work. From videoconferencing over our smartphones to using ‘smart’ appliances that can predict our needs, we’re turning to our devices more than ever to get things done.

Consider the following statistics:

  • Currently, there is an average of eight connected
    devices per household in Australia.
  • 25% of Australians now have a Smart TV, with 71% of those connected to the internet.
  • The number of smart, internet-connected devices (such as appliances, home security systems and TVs) will explode to 25 billion units by 2020.

    Over the past year, Australians downloaded nearly one million terabytes of data to their laptops, smartphones and other devices, proving that Aussies’ growing appetite for web content and higher download speeds is not going away anytime soon. It’s for these reasons and more that concurrency is so important.

What’s concurrency?

Simply put, concurrency is the ability to have multiple devices connected online at the same time. While it’s not a term we think about every day, the ability to use multiple devices without interruptions is what makes using the web a smooth and enjoyable experience. The good news is that concurrency is possible with a fast and reliable broadband connection that allows everyone within the same household to do what they want, when they want.

Does your broadband fit your lifestyle?

Because concurrency is what drives efficiency, it’s important to think about your lifestyle both now and in the future. Will you want to work from home? Does your TV require internet capability? Are you looking to install a smart home security solution? With nearly 50% of movers saying that availability of a good broadband service is a key consideration when looking for a new home, be sure your phone or internet provider can meet your needs.

As our appetite for smart devices and web content continues to grow at an exponential rate, the need for every household to have a fast and reliable broadband connection is clear. So whether the goal is on-demand entertainment, online gaming or streamed music, a superior broadband connection allows every person to pursue their individual passions, leading to enjoyment for all.

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